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High Production Efficiency Of Stamping Handwheel

Stamping Handwheel is a kind of stamping, accuracy assurance measures are mainly embodied in the scale of the intensive reading and mold production. The shape, bending, and thickness of stamping parts are factors to be considered.

Stamping handwheel looks beautiful, design standard, durable

In order to ensure the accuracy of stamping handwheel, some characteristics of stamping handwheel are considered, and the use of progressive bending dies is analyzed, and the precision is slightly lower than that of single piece bending die. The clearance of the Guide pins (guide plate) directly related to the precision of the parts is as follows (the thickness of the part plate is 0, 35~2. OMM): Single-Piece bending Die: Guide pins (Guide plate) and parts of the audible gap 0.005~0.010mm Progressive bending die: Consider the wear of the inlet and guide plate, Stamping Hand Wheel take 0.015~o. 025mm. Usually, H is 2.5 times times the bending radius of the plate thickness. Because of the different thickness and hardness of the material, the punching handwheel should be used to increase the operation of a curved posterior resection to ensure the H value.

Stamping process and die equipment are directly related to the output of stamping handwheel. These three elements constitute the production line, Stamping Hand Wheel the combination of each other to produce high-quality stamping products.

Stamping Handwheel production compared to other mechanical processing, stamping parts of the product is simpler, such as stamping hand-wheel spray painting technology, surface treatment, etc. Stamping Hand Wheel As long as the design of the mold, the internal structure of the design, the process of processing on the annotation can be referenced. The production efficiency of stamping handwheel is high, and the operation is convenient, and it is easy to realize mechanization and automation. This is because stamping is relying on stamping die and stamping equipment to complete processing, the general press the number of trips per minute can reach dozens of times, Stamping Hand Wheel high-speed pressure to up to hundreds of times per minute or more than thousands, and each stamping stroke may get a punch.

Compared with the opposite-sex stamping parts, the shape of stamping handwheel is less complicated, and the strength and rigidity of stamping are higher. Metal stamping parts generally do not cut debris production, material consumption is less, and do not need other heating equipment, and thus is a province material, Stamping Hand Wheel energy-saving processing methods, metal stamping parts lower cost.

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