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Repair And Elimination Of Valve Handwheel Fracture

Handwheel is easily damaged during transport. Hand cast iron brittle brittle, welding, bonding, riveting repair.

1. Welding: The welding is good V-shaped groove in the fracture, if the handwheel is gray cast iron material, available homemade cast iron gas welding rod, the flux is borax, repair with a weak reduction flame. Welding hand wheel placed horizontal, the first use of welding torch in the induction zone heating, the temperature rose to 500 ℃ above, and then use the torch to blow off the oxide and debris fracture, and then welding. Induction zone can be intermittent heating, maintaining a red hot state. After welding, the induction zone is gradually reduced to below 300 ℃, stop heating from cold. Arc welding welding can also be used. Different welding methods have different post-treatment measures: the sensing area of the cracked welds is on the rim of the fracture; the sensing area of the fracture of the rim is at the fracture; and after the weld is repaired at the fracture, the welding seam should be polished on the grinding wheel . Then paint as required.

2. Bonding and riveting repair: local hand wheel cracks, drilling in the middle of the hole drilling tapping, you can bury a screw. Can also be posted at the crack two layers of glass cloth. After the handwheel rupture, riveting process can also be used. On the opposite side of the rupture of the hand wheel, open a groove with a grinding wheel with a groove depth of 2mm ~ 5mm. The 2mm ~ 5mm steel embedded in the slot, with rivets or screws. In order to make riveting more solid, riveting can also be used to bond and complex methods. After repair, to be polished smooth.

Third, the hand wheel and wrench hole repair

Handle, handle, wrench after a long time use, the screw hole, the keyway will be damaged, the square hole was horn, affecting the normal use, need to be repaired.

1. Keyway repair: After the keyway is damaged, can be thrown at the repair of the trick, and then remove the oxide layer with prickly heat, and finally with a semicircle file repair and arc the same hole. If the welding repair inconvenience, the keyway can be processed into a dovetail, and then use the dovetail iron jail, and then use the semi-circular file repair with the hole the same arc; can also be used to adhere to the dovetail iron bonding method.

After the repair of the keyway, the new keyway is processed at another spoke center line according to the original specifications. The new keyway and the general keyway processing requirements.

2. Screw hole repair: After the screw hole damage, the general use of the method of repair set. First, remove the old thread cart, unilateral cutting amount of not less than 5mm, and then car a screw sleeve with the same specifications of the sleeve, and hand wheel expansion hole with.

Sleeve and hand wheel to expand the connection form of the hole can be spot welding, bonding, buried riding method of fixing screws.

3. Square hole repair: Square hole, cone square hole damage, you can use the square filing evenly cut square hole inside, processing new square hole, cone square hole. Then use a square cover made of metal, embedded in the cone square hole, with paste method. Repair the square hole and stem with the gap to be uniform. 160

After the repair of the square hole and the stem with the stem should be close, the taper the same; tighten the nut, the bottom of the cone square hole and the stem shoulder to maintain l.5mm ~ 3mm spacing; Together, not loose.

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