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Stamping Hand Wheel Installation Requirements

Stamping hand wheel at the time of installation should be installed according to the diagram, there are many manufacturers because of improper installation and operation, resulting in some damage to the hand wheel, and the use of some of the operation, the following we explain for you some stamping hand wheel of the installation Tips. When the instrument flow chart for some of the valve installation location has specific requirements, Stamping Hand Wheel should be set according to process requirements. Valve hand wheel type and temperature and pressure levels should be in accordance with the provisions of the project piping material to choose. The valve in the installation area should be located in an easy access, easy to operate, maintenance of the place. The valves on the piping should be arranged centrally and consider setting up the operating platform or ladder. Stamping Hand Wheel Installed in the trench within the valve, when the open groove cover to operate, the valve hand wheel should not be less than 300mm below the groove cover, when less than 300mm below, should be set up the valve extension rod, Cover within 100mm.

Note that the lower point is that some of the valves do not often operate the hand wheel, the valve should do a good job of surface maintenance, Stamping Hand Wheel in order to increase the useful life.

The second point is for less than or equal to DN40 and threaded connection of the valve should not use sprocket or extension rod to operate, so as not to damage the valve.

The main purpose of the stamping hand wheel

Stamping hand wheel with a strong flexibility and good insulation, plasticity, water isolation, tensile and wear characteristics, widely used in industrial, agricultural, national defense, transportation, transportation, machinery manufacturing, medical and health fields and Daily life, etc., Stamping Hand Wheel such as tires used in transportation; industrial use of transport belts, belts, all kinds of seals; medical gloves, blood vessels; daily life used in shoes, raincoats, warm water bags are Rubber hand wheel as the main raw material manufacturing, the use of aircraft on the defense, artillery, tanks, and even cutting-edge technology in the field of rockets, satellites, spacecraft, space shuttle and so need a lot of rubber hand wheel parts. Hand wheel on the plane: under what circumstances, the front wheel hydraulic servo control valve can play the role of a sliver A, Stamping Hand Wheel only in the front wheel in the neutral position. B, the front wheel position deflected with the handle wheel or The position required by the foot pedal operation corresponds to and stops the operation .C, in the whole process of the front wheel turning system operation .D, only after the operation of the handwheel or foot pedal returns to the neutral position.

How to ensure the accuracy of the stamping hand wheel

 Stamping hand wheel is a kind of stamping, precision measures are mainly reflected in the scale of intensive reading and mold production. The shape, bending, and thickness of the stamping part are factors that need to be considered.

In order to ensure the accuracy of the stamping hand wheel, Stamping Hand Wheel to consider some of the characteristics of stamping hand wheel, analysis of the use of progressive bending mold, the accuracy of a little lower than the single piece of bending mold. The reference value of the guide pin (guide plate) directly related to the accuracy of the part is as follows (part plate thickness 0,35 to 2.Omm): single piece bending mold: guide pin (guide plate) and parts Gap 0.005 ~ 0.010mm step into the bending mold: consider the avoidance and guide plate wear, take 0.015 ~ O.025mm. Typically, take H for the plate thickness of 2.5 times the bending radius. Stamping hand wheel due to the thickness of the material, the hardness is different, resulting in a high degree of height can not maintain a certain time, should be used to increase a bending after the removal process to ensure that the H value.

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