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Stamping Handwheel Is The Most Widely Used

Stamping Handwheel is currently one of the most popular handwheel wheel Handwheel, is also the most widely used, because the advantages of its price occupied a large part of the market, so we today to introduce the advantages of stamping handwheel.

Stamping Handwheel Only so there is a price advantage is that he produced more convenient batch production, so the price advantage compared to the stainless steel handwheel and cast iron handwheel advantages to play more. However, Stamping Hand Wheel the Handwheel also has its own point, because the production of the hand wheel will certainly bring the quality of a certain impact, so now the analysis of some new handwheel is also appearing, Stamping Hand Wheel cast iron handwheel demand is also increasing.

Stamping handwheel looks beautiful, design standard, durable.

The stamping handwheel has the advantages of stable transmission, Stamping Hand Wheel accurate transmission ratio, reliable operation, high efficiency, long life, and large range of power, speed and size.

Stamping handwheel with one-time steel stamping, with a beautiful appearance, delicate touch, convenient and durable characteristics, belonging to the use of environmentally friendly products. The handwheel through destructive testing and mechanical strength detection, Stamping Hand Wheel a variety of performance far superior to the traditional cast iron, cast steel valve handwheel, widely used in a variety of valves: diameter from the 80mm-500mm, the inner hole to provide standard square hole, hexagonal, round hole and other options. Stamping Hand Wheel Product color bright, beautiful and durable, and greatly enhance the added value of ancillary products, widely used in valves and light industrial machinery industry.

The electric drive mechanism on the stamping handwheel includes a device or limit stroke switch which can adjust the torsion distance, Stamping Hand Wheel limit stroke switch in the valve handwheel is located in all open position or all closed position, when the positive and negative drive in the direction of obstacles, can cut off the motor two times control loop power supply, torque switch must be installed by the factory, and to meet the maximum operating torque calculation value.

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