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Stamping Handwheel Is Widely Used In Valve Industry

The main purpose of stamping handwheel is what, different customers of the pressure handwheel demand is not the same, and we in addition to GB specifications, but also intentionally open different needs of the difference

Sex stamping die, better meet all customer needs.

The use of stamping handwheel is mainly: natural rubber handwheel for the main use of natural rubber handwheel because of its strong elasticity and good insulation, plasticity, water insulation, tensile and wear-resistant characteristics, widely used in industry, agricultural, national defense, transportation, transportation, machinery manufacturing, medical and health areas and daily life, such as transportation on tyres, industrial transport belt, transmission belt, all kinds of seals, medical gloves, blood transfusion tubes, daily use of rubber shoes, raincoats, Warm water bags are made of rubber handwheel as the main raw materials, Stamping Hand Wheel the use of national defense aircraft, artillery, tanks, and even cutting-edge technology in the field of rockets, satellites, spacecraft, space shuttles and so need a large number of rubber hand wheel parts. Use of handwheel in aircraft: Under what circumstances, Stamping Hand Wheel the front wheel turn hydraulic servo control valve can play the role of a pendulum, only when the front wheel is in neutral position. b, the front wheel position is deflected to correspond to the position required to manipulate the handwheel or pedals and stop the operation. c, in the whole process of steering the front wheel turning system. D, only after manipulating the handwheel or pedals to return to the neutral position.

Stamping handwheel looks beautiful, design standard, durable

The stamping handwheel has the advantages of stable transmission, Stamping Hand Wheel accurate transmission ratio, reliable operation, high efficiency, long life, and large range of power, speed and size. The gear transmission device utilizes the gear teeth of the two gears to engage the transmission force and the movement of the mechanical transmission, with the main, from the gear teeth directly, Stamping Hand Wheel transmission movement and power device. According to the relative position of the gear axis, the parallel axis cylindrical gear drive, the intersecting axis bevel gear drive and the staggered shaft helical gear transmission are divided.

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Stamping Handwheel is a kind of stamping, accuracy assurance measures are mainly embodied in the scale of the intensive reading and mold production. The shape, bending, and thickness of stamping parts are factors to be considered.

In order to ensure the accuracy of stamping handwheel, Stamping Hand Wheel some characteristics of stamping handwheel are considered, and the use of progressive bending dies is analyzed, and the precision is slightly lower than that of single piece bending die. The clearance of the Guide pins (guide plate) directly related to the precision of the parts is as follows (the thickness of the part plate is 0, 35~2. OMM): Single-Piece bending Die: Guide pins (Guide plate) and parts of the audible gap 0.005~0.010mm Progressive bending die: Consider the wear of the inlet and guide plate, take 0.015~o. 025mm. Usually, H is 2.5 times times the bending radius of the plate thickness. Stamping Hand Wheel Because of the different thickness and hardness of the punching handwheel, it is necessary to increase the A-bend resection process to ensure H value.

The use of disposable steel stamping, with a beautiful appearance, feel delicate, convenient and durable characteristics, belonging to the use of environmentally friendly products. The handwheel through destructive testing and mechanical strength detection, a variety of performance far superior to the traditional cast iron, cast steel valve handwheel, widely used in a variety of valves: diameter from the 80mm-500mm, the inner hole to provide standard square hole, hexagonal, round hole and other options. Product color bright, beautiful and durable, greatly enhance the added value of ancillary products, widely used in valves and light industry machinery industry, by customers love and praise.

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