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Stamping Handwheel Stamping Precision High

Stamping Handwheel is a kind of stamping, accuracy assurance measures are mainly embodied in the scale of the intensive reading and mold production. The shape, bending, and thickness of stamping parts are factors to be considered.

In order to ensure the accuracy of stamping handwheel, some characteristics of stamping handwheel are considered, and the use of progressive bending dies is analyzed, Stamping Hand Wheel and the precision is slightly lower than that of single piece bending die. Direct phase with the precision of the part The clearance of the Guide pins (guide plate) is as follows (the part plate thickness 0, 35~2. OMM): Single-Piece bending Die: Guide pins (Guide plate) and parts of the audible gap 0.005~0.010mm Progressive Bending die: Consider the wear of the inlet and guide plate, take 0.015~o. 025mm. Usually, H is 2.5 times times the bending radius of the plate thickness. Stamping Hand Wheel The punching handwheel is different from the thickness and hardness of the material, Stamping Hand Wheel resulting When the height size cannot be maintained at a certain time, an additional curved posterior resection procedure should be used to guarantee the H value.

Stamping Handwheel We should install in accordance with the schematic diagram, there are many manufacturers because of improper installation, resulting in some of the hand wheel damage, and the use of life of some operations, under We will explain some of the installation tips for stamping handwheel. When the instrument flowchart has specific requirements for certain valve installation locations, Stamping Hand Wheel it should be set according to process requirements. Valve Handwheel Type and The level of temperature and pressure shall be chosen according to the grade of piping material in each project. The valve in the installation area shall be arranged in a place accessible, Stamping Hand Wheel easy to operate and maintained. Valves on lined pipes should be concentrated Layout, and consider setting up the operating platform or ladder. Valve installed in the trench, when the opening trench cover plate can operate, the valve handwheel should not be lower than the trench cover plate under 300mm, when below 300mm , Stamping Hand Wheel the valve elongation bar should be set, so that the handwheel is within 100mm under the trench cover plate.

Note that for some of the valves that do not often operate the handwheel, the valve should be well maintained for the purpose of increasing the service life.

The 2nd is that for less than equal to DN40 and screw connection of the valve should not use sprocket or elongation rod operation, lest damage valve.

Stamping handwheel in the selection of the mold also said several times, this time to say the basic principles of the problem, the main point is above three points, Stamping Hand Wheel the first one can be classified into the outline of the basic graphics, first to the Die library search Is there a stamping die that is exactly the same as the contour and can be punched out of the contour with a punching action. Stamping Hand Wheel If there is such a mold, will be ignored in the "Select Stamping die" set of stamping die, directly make With the search for the stamping die, followed by the rectangular contour, when the long edge is greater than or equal to the short edge of 1.5 times times, will automatically search for the square with the rectangular short edge of the stamping die: to the oblong groove or circular groove to find whether there is a groove width of the same round stamping die, Stamping Hand Wheel if there is direct use of the die. When the punching die is still not determined by the above two steps, the punching line with square punching die or circular punching die is considered. 

or arc. Stamping Handwheel selection die and its stamping handwheel to consider its own characteristics and ensure that the "Select stamping die" Set of the die, the set of square die analysis of the line to be stamping is large At or equal to 1.5 times times the length of the die, the round die stamping curve is analyzed to see whether the arc diameter is larger than the punching die diameter. Stamping Hand Wheel If you use the set die, if the setting of the die is not appropriate , the system will be stamping die library from small to large search square or round die, the use of the line to meet the stamping is greater than or equal to 1.5 times times the length of the die side.

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