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Stamping Handwheel Widely Used In Industry And Other Aspects

Stamping Handwheel is made of disposable steel plate, the diameter is from 50mm-500mm, the inner hole provides the standard square hole, hexagonal, round hole and so on choice. Product color bright, beautiful and durable, and greatly enhance the added value of ancillary products, widely used in valves and light industrial machinery industry.

Most of the material for stamping handwheel is carbon steel

The diameter is between the 50-500mm, Stamping Hand Wheel according to the standard its custom hole specification is more square empty, hexagonal also has round hole.

Stamping Handwheel is widely used in valves, there are many light machinery industry, industrial and agricultural production or medical, petroleum, mining, chemical and other fields.

Stamping Handwheel because of its strong elasticity and good insulation, plasticity, Stamping Hand Wheel it is widely used in the fields of industry, agriculture, national defense, transportation, transportation, machinery manufacturing, medical and health, and daily life, such as the tyres used in transportation, the transportation belt, the transmission belt and all kinds of sealing rings; Medical gloves, blood transfusion tube; daily life in the use of rubber shoes, raincoats, warm water bags are mainly made of stamping handwheel, Stamping Hand Wheel the use of national defense aircraft, artillery, tanks, and even cutting-edge technology in the field of rockets, satellites, spacecraft, space shuttles, etc. need a large number of stamping hand wheel parts. Use of handwheel in aircraft: Under what circumstances, the front wheel turn hydraulic servo control valve can play the role of a pendulum, Stamping Hand Wheel only when the front wheel is in neutral position. B, the front wheel position is deflected to correspond to the position required to manipulate the handwheel or pedals and to stop the operation. C, in the whole process of steering the front wheel turning system. D, only after manipulating the handwheel or pedals to return to the neutral position.

The application of stamping hand wheel and stamping handle, so we have to refer to the pipeline, more clearly he is a link valve and pipe parts, mainly play the role of the control switch. In general, Stamping Hand Wheel the link of the device is sure to select the correct material of the single core, Stamping Hand Wheel the shape of the specifications of the parts. This is directly related to the overall safety and performance of the valve.

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