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Welding Hand Wheel Is Widely Used In Daily Life

Welding handwheel diameter from φ125-φ1200mm, cylindrical and spoke can be empty tube (25.4--16) and solid round steel (16--12). The middle of the head with threaded round hole, square, hexagonal, keyway, D-type, etc. can be customized according to customer samples or drawings. Surface spray (color custom). Welding Hand Wheel Our welding is firm and smooth, can withstand a lot of torque.

Welding hand wheel material for steel and stainless steel. With rust, oil, high temperature, Naisuan Jian, good insulation, strong wear and tear deformation, and other advantages. The use of traditional handmade with modern technology, the use of the most advanced surface treatment technology, the product surface is more smooth, more beautiful appearance, feel better, hard wear, durable. Widely used in daily life, Welding Hand Wheel industrial and agricultural production, metallurgy, mining, medical, textile, petroleum, printing, food, packaging, chemical, machinery manufacturing and many other fields. Manhole material for the stainless steel, the use of quick opening structure, open convenient, safe, beautiful appearance, according to the customer's smooth, material and industrial standards for professional design and manufacturing.

The welding handwheel is first selected from its steel plate in particular. Second, the steel plate welding hand wheel material has a good impact resistance, mainly its double metal structure, in the face of strong external force to absorb energy, and to ensure that welding hand wheel material will not be due to resonance, Welding Hand Wheel shock caused by surface off Phenomenon and so on. And the connection of the handwheel is quite good, which is determined by its own shaping and patience. Whether it is welded or bolted are steel plate welding hand wheel is a good choice.

Part of the steel plate welding hand wheel manufacturers choose to wear steel plate material is a very important reason is easy to process, its processing performance from the parameters of view is a very good ranking material. Especially on the need to customize the size and size can be a very good transformation, Welding Hand Wheel in the cold forming, bending, welding, etc. both save time has greatly reduced the work intensity. And its high cost, do the product must be considered comprehensive, not only its finished product but also to consider its maintenance costs, equipment, downtime loss, more importantly, its life and so on a variety of factors integrated.

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